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11 Romanian Peasant Costumes from Muntenia

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Romanian Peasant Costumes from Muntenia

Standing at the crossroads of the commercial routes linking Orient and Occident;
Crossed by the Transylvanian shepherds, who were leading their livestock to winter pastures from the Danube Delta;
In the late 18’th century, Muntenia gains access to craft supplies, such as metallic thread and sequins, beads, cocoon raw silk (borangic).

Raw silk marame shawls are common to the women folk costume from Muntenia.
In lowland areas of Muntenia, the blouses with straight loose sleeves are woven with thin thread and ornamented with silk stripes, due to the common practice of sericulture in the area. Two aprons are worn over the underskirt, a narrow zavelca at the front, and a wide valnic at the back.
A wide pleated skirt (valnic) can be found in Teleorman and Giurgiu.
The wrap around skirt (fota) is worn in the highlands of Muntenia (Arges, Muscel, Bran, Buzau).
Queen Marie showed a great preference for the traditional costumes from Muscel, with dazzling silver and golden ornamented wrap around skirts and heavily embroidered blouses.

1. Peasant woman from Braila
Folk Costume

2. Peasant woman from Ialomita
Peasant Costumes

3. Peasant woman from Teleorman
Romanian Peasant Costumes

4. Peasant woman from Prahova
Folk Costume

5. Peasant woman from Ilfov
Folk Costume

6. Peasant woman from Buzau
Romanian Folk Costumes

7. Peasant woman from Muscel (1)
Folk Costume

8. Peasant woman from Muscel (2)
Folk Costume

9. Peasant woman from Muscel (3)
Folk Costume

10. Peasant woman from Muscel (4)
Peasant Costumes

11. Peasant woman from Arges
Folk Costume

Vintage Romanian Traditional Woven Skirt Green & Silver Stripes

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