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9 Romanian Peasant Costumes from Oltenia

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Oltenia region is situated in the south part of Romania. It’s neighbor regions are: Transylvania in the north, Banat in west and Muntenia in the east.

From north to south, it features a balanced distribution of the land forms: mountains, hills and plains. The predominant color of the peasant costumes in the field area is red. As we climb up to the mountain area, the tones change to brown and black (in Mehedinti, Gorj).

The women from Mehedinti county are wearing a pleated wrapped around skirt at the back (vâlnic), a rectangular apron at the front (catrință) over the long blouse with underskirt. Black is the dominant color. A spectacular effect is the use of a thick metallic thread work on the lower end of the vâlnic.

Two rectangular aprons (catrințe) are worn in Gorj: a fâstâc at the front, a catrințoi at the back and a vâlnic wrapped round the back, over the catrințoi. The clothing from Gorj is predominantly white, red and blue. Geometric shapes, such as rhombs, crosses, spirals embellish the pleated vâlnic.

Red and blue contrasts, a combination of vâlnic at the back and a catrință at the front, or two back and front catrințe, even one pleated vâlnic all around can be found in Vâlcea.

Stylized birds and floral motifs decorate the traditional costume from Romanați. Two aprons (zavelci) are worn at the front and back, over the underskirt. The overwhelming dominant color is red.

The women from Dolj are wearing pleated wrap round skirts, as well as a front apron and a pleated skirt at the back. The traditional costumes from Dolj are decorated with geometric motifs and stylized two headed dolls.

The men’s blouse extends to the knees, and it is made of a thicker fabric in colder regions. In lowland areas, the blouse is made of a thin thread, such as raw silk and cotton, it’s length reaching the ankles. It is tied around the waist with a fabric waist belt. Over the waist belt, they wear a wide leather pocket belt (chimir).

In summer, their pants are made of hemp and cotton. Men from north Oltenia, a cold weather area, are wearing tight woolen pants. Straight, loose pants are worn in the south area.

1. Peasant woman from Dolj, Oltenia


Peasant Costumes

2. Peasant woman from Romanati, Oltenia (1)

Romanian Peasant Costumes
3. Peasant woman from Romanati, Oltenia (2)

folk costume
4. Peasant man from Romanati, Oltenia
mens folk costume

5. Peasant woman from Valcea, Oltenia

folk costume

6. Peasant man from Valcea, Oltenia
mens folk costume

7. Peasant woman from Mehedinti, Oltenia

Romanian Peasant Costumes

8. Peasant woman from Gorj, Oltenia

folk costume

folk costume

9. Peasant man from Gorj, Oltenia

mens folk costume

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