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Romanian Crafts

An insight into the Romanian crafts and folk art together. We discuss Romanian folk art and traditional crafts together as a whole, for their connection is closer in daily practice: traditional embroidery, loom weaving, wood carving, leather crafts. There, where skill, technique, craftsmanship occurs, forms of artworks emerge. We focus on utilitarian or decorative traditional art created by Romanian peasants, artisans who live in rural areas of Romania.

The Spoonman’s Romanian Folklore Legends Crafted In Transylvania

Romanian Folklore

Within the fortified walls of Sighisoara’s citadel, ancient folk legends and beliefs brought back to light stand to dethrone the immortal count Dracula. You could say it’s nearly impossible, he is a Hollywood star, a legend, people fear him, he exists in books and in imagination! Yet, never was mentioned ...

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Earliest Writing Clues on the Romanian Traditional Houses

Earliest Writing

Earliest Writing Clues on the Romanian Traditional Houses Burnt clay tablets discovered in the village of Tărtăria – claimed to represent the earliest writing system in the world Ethnographic studies indicate that symbols used in architectural ornamentation, in embroidery, on ceramics, such as the circle, crosses, rings, are representations of ...

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