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Traditional Carving

Traditional carving has been practiced on the Romanian territory since ancient times. Wood carving was used to produce all things needed in a household: wooden gates, paintedand carved log houses, wooden ustensils (from kitchen supplies – wooden spoons, plates) to dowry boxes, crafts supplies and tools (spindles, looms). The beauty of the Romanian stone and wood carvings is that, aside from the utilitarian role, these objects have decorative purposes, for they have been designed both for use and for enchanting the eye.

Romanian Artisan Wood Carving Masks and Figures

Wood Carving

Toader Ignătescu is a famous Romanian artisan, wood carving masks and figures. He was born on the 4th of february, 1957 in Comanesti, Suceava (Bukovina). He made his artistic debut in 1987 at the Festival “Cantarea Romaniei”. Internationally recognized, he has exhibited his work in Europe. Private collections from North and ...

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