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Traditional Embroidery

The traditional embroidery is the most widespread and internationally recognized form of folk art of Romania, through the traditional blouses. The Romanian territory recognizes so many different patterns and different types of embroidery, even from one village to another. We are interested in presenting the folk embroideries which are typically manufactured in traditional villages, having a connection with the old traditions that represent authentic folk arts.

2 Legendary Blouse Cuttings

Blouse Cuttings

2 Legendary Blouse Cuttings   The traditional Romanian folk blouse, called “ie”, represent the main piece of the  costume, with double meaning: the underwear for the lower part of the body; an ornamental top. The extensions (underwear) can be found separated, sewn  or built-in. 1900’s Beads Embroidered Blouse Energy Based on their cutting, ...

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