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How Is A Primitive Yarn Skein Winder Put To Work

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After watching Aurica weaving, her primitive skein winder caught my attention. I like every old tool, especially weaving tools, and I’m impressed to see them put to work again. Manoila Aurica tells us that these skein winders were present in every traditional home. They are a sort of old fashioned weaving accessories. Before weaving, she wraps weft thread on the flying shuttle bobbin, using her primitive ball and bobbin winders.

Skein Winder

More, they were considered a sign of renewable energy, the succession of the four seasons: spring, summer, fall, winter. Therefore, the winder motif was often stitched on peasant blouses.

The peasants were producing all their clothes by hand, including the craft supplies and tools. With the development of the textile industry, many peasants have thrown away or burnt their tools.

Romanian Blouse

Today, most of these primitive weaving tools can be seen in museums, but I like to see them still in use. Who cares if all the fancy gadgets and 3D holograms were invented? From a different perspective, they are pretty cool, aren’t they?

Primitive Weaving Tools



Yarn Winder

Primitive Hand Spindle 11″ Crafted

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