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Loom Weaving Apps Encourage Millennials to Explore Ancient Arts

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Learning Platforms Encourage Millennials to Explore Ancient Arts With Loom Weaving Apps

Loom Weaving Apps

Crafts such as knitting may have regained popularity among young people, as reported by the Wall Street Journal, but traditional craftsmanship as a whole seems to be lost among millennials. As we previously mentioned in a post about Vladimir Andrei, many have expressed their interest in embroidery and such, but only a handful have gone further than the curiosity stage and actually experiment with the ancient crafts.

Perhaps there is a way to lure the younger generation into this area, using technology that they are familiar with and use on a daily basis. With teens and those in their early 20’s spending a huge chunk of their time staring at their smartphone screens, the way to encourage millennials to explore arts like loom weaving is by offering them a mobile learning platform, such as Loom Weaving and Patterns as shown on iTunes.

To think that a tiny gadget like your phone can teach you the history and techniques of the craft is bizarre. Arts like these have been passed down from generation to generation, but without adapting to modern times, loom weaving will find itself lost among tech-driven activities. Many app and game developers in this day and age have done their part to promote historical themes integrating them into their products, with companies creating the Retro Art app that showcases authentic ads and images from the ‘40s to the ‘80s, while others highlight the Golden Era of Hollywood in a mobile game hosted by Pocket Fruity. Thus, in order to increase interest in something as old as loom weaving, you would need to have some sort of mobile resource to get any tech-obsessed millennial into this hobby.

Looking at Google Play and the App Store, there are quite a few that offer instructions on embroidery and other handicrafts, though the stores are rather limited when it comes to loom weaving. Thankfully, the app that was discussed earlier is an excellent tool for beginners. It covers various categories of loom weaving, including, hand, tapestry, rag rug, circle and square weaving. Users also have the option to follow tutorials according to weaving designs. This also is a great resource for those who need a refresher course and advanced weavers, since there are instructional videos that cater to various skill levels.

The app isn’t free but those that are new to the craft will find that the Loom Weaving and Patterns app is an extremely useful and informative video guide.

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