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The Meaning of the Romanian Peasant Costumes

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The Meaning of the Romanian Peasant Costumes

Romanian Peasant Costumes

Today, people are wearing the peasant blouses, while they lack the mentality and attitude required. What most of us see is it’s beauty, but do we really understand it’s true meaning?

People are more concerned about it’s popularity and value, rather than it’s origins. But it is much more than that, they are charged with meanings. In the past, peasants used to match their clothes to their mood.

They lived the essence of things and, in order to put their clothes on, one must at least  get insight into what life was like in the past. Mrs. Eva Giosanu, curator of Moldova National Museum from Iasi is speaking about the meaning of the peasant costumes from Moldova. To activate the subtitle, press on the “CC” button in the bottom-right corner.

Video source: Dragos Zamosteanu

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