The Folk Costume from Transylvania Part 1

Folk Costume

The women’s traditional folk costume from Transylvania features two aprons, and a peasant blouse with puffy sleeves and ruffled cuffs. Unlike the typical ie with altiță and încreț, the shoulder ornaments are missing from the peasant blouses from Transylvania. The Folk Costume from the county of Sibiu Instead altiță, the ...

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8 National Costumes of Romania

National Costumes

The National Costumes from Moldova Region The peasant women’s blouses have ornaments arranged on chest, sleeves and shoulders (altita and incret) in one, two or more colors, with geometric, floral, zoomorphic and anthropomorphic patterns. The blouses worn on the hillside have raw silk embroideries on chest. A different style, with extremely ...

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11 Romanian Peasant Costumes from Muntenia

Romanian Peasant Costumes

Romanian Peasant Costumes from Muntenia Standing at the crossroads of the commercial routes linking Orient and Occident; Crossed by the Transylvanian shepherds, who were leading their livestock to winter pastures from the Danube Delta; In the late 18’th century, Muntenia gains access to craft supplies, such as metallic thread and ...

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