Traditional Fur Pelts & Hide Clothing

hide clothing

Hide clothing have been handcrafted in Romania since ancient times.  The early occupation of skinners (coriarius) is attested on funerary monuments from the Geto-Dacian period.  The skinners were the most important craftsmen of a village. The traditional leather coats were very appreciated and expensive. Due to the rough weather conditions, they were protecting against the ...

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Romanian Artisan Wood Carving Masks and Figures

Wood Carving

Toader Ignătescu is a famous Romanian artisan, wood carving masks and figures. He was born on the 4th of february, 1957 in Comanesti, Suceava (Bukovina). He made his artistic debut in 1987 at the Festival “Cantarea Romaniei”. Internationally recognized, he has exhibited his work in Europe. Private collections from North and ...

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