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Retro Peasant Tops for the Season’s Bohemian Chic Look

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Retro Peasant Tops for the Season’s Bohemian Chic Look

Nowadays, many people have no idea what peasant top really are and fall for the fakes. The disinformation makes room for the Chinese products to spread. In this case, newer is not better. I always think twice before investing in a new blouse or an old one and every time I am more convinced to choose the original, the old one.
Why choose to wear retro peasant tops? For infinite reasons!
First, it is it’s uniqueness. You can search through tens of thousands machine made peasant tops and still won’t find a single original one. Plus, the original always turns heads. Every time you wear one, be ready to receive lots of compliments.

Second, they used homemade natural materials – linen, hemp, wool, cotton – not because they wanted to, but because they had to. Back then, synthetic fabric was rare and expensive so they were producing all the necessary things at home.

Third, it is the craftsmanship. An old one took months to make and it was designed for personal use. It is a known fact that the peasant women liked to turn heads and always wear something unique, crafted with creativity, without financial interests in mind.

They are pretty versatile, can be worn in any season, paired with jeans, office pants and skirts, shorts, long, midi or mini skirts.

Here’s my look:


vintage blouse
For a seaside recreation , I paired a 1920’s large bell sleeves blouse from Oltenia region with a high waist mini skirt and flat sandals. The peasant top was an excellent choice for the season’s bohemian chic look. The natural gauze linen material is an excellent choice in hot days. It lets the skin breathe and keeps a cool body temperature.

Original Beads Embroidered Blouse Large Sleeve


peasant tops

peasant top



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