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Romanian Folk ArtYou can find us in the most unexpected places. Looking to find old things in an attic, rather than sitting in a cafe. We prefer to take a bath in a creek, rather than swimming in a pool. In our travels, we find happiness in the simplest of things. We wonder at hay stalks, sheep, storks, and enjoy being in the nature, on a mountain, by a fir, watching birds, animals and finding places and villages still untouched by civilization.

But the greatest discovery of our travels is the soul of the Romanian peasant. He carries in his soul a neighbor, a brother and a complete stranger. Once he meets you, he never forgets you! He asks you to come inside his house and sit down at the table. Then he will always remember you, waiting to hear from you, waiting for months, even years.

Our true journey begins here. We want to let everyone know of these people’s kindness, diligence and skills. Because we all have something to learn from them. We travel to isolated Romanian villages looking for people who still keep their old traditions alive and honour the Romanian folk art: traditional weaving, wood carving, traditional embroidery, leather crafts.


Our story begins 4 years ago, when I met my husband, Lucian, a man addicted to folk art and primitive tools. Among his old stuff, there was a 100 years old blue dowry box, with two girl’s faces painted on it. The dowry which was in a quite rough condition, was stored in the living room. When I first saw it, I thought it looked like a coffin and just the thought of having it in my house made me feel shivers down my spine. Today, we are proud owners of one dowry box and one chest in the living room. We would have some more, but there’s not enough space to store them.

So after I met my husband, in the winter of 2012, we made our first travel to north Romania, in the region of Bukowina, where some of his relatives are living. I was really impressed by the people and places I found in that area.  Since then, we have returned to Bukowina as often as possible. Each experience seemed different from the one before. We were always finding new places and things to do. Things which were natural for my husband, who spent most of his childhood there, seemed pretty extraordinary to me! When we were back from vacation, I used to tell everybody about those places and people, give details about what we did and what we ate, and show them pictures.
Romanian Folk Art

Ever since I was a child, I loved everything about rural living. I could feel a taste of it when my mum was taking me to aunts who had houses with gardens, where I used to play, chasing the baby chicks and eat sour cherries. I enjoy both the city and village life, as an uncle from Bukowina says: “Bianca, you are both a village and a towns woman.”

From the world we pick them, to the word back we give‘ em

Is there something in particular that you would like me to find? Do you have any questions? You can always send me an e-mail to ask me something,  or just to say “Hello”.

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