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8 Easy Romanian Folk Embroidery Decorative Stitches

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Romanian Folk Embroidery
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While some embroidery stitches are commonly used everywhere in the world – double feather, chain stitch, combined chain stitch, various types of filling and edging stitches, there are some regionally unique Romanian folk embroidery stitches here, such as punctul bătrânesc from the mountainous regions, or Sălişte stitch, particular to a specific town in southern Transylvania.

  1. Lănţişorul (Chain Stitch)

Folk Stitches

Found throughout Romania, lănţişorul (chain stitch) is used to decorate traditional blouses with little contours or fillings between other stitches. It is made by forming a loop of thread and directing the needle through the loop. Silver or golden metallic threads were used until the beginning of the 20th century, when metallic threads have been replaced by plastic imitations.

 2. Punct de Lănţişor Combinat (Combined Chain Stitch)

Romanian Embroidery

Commonly used for embroidering leaves and creating vein details, the combined chain is worked with oblique backstitches. It is worked in a straight or curved line, by counting from top to bottom.

 3. Punctul Bătrânesc (Old Style Stitch)

Romanian Folk Embroidery

Punctul bătrânesc is a geometric motive found in mountainous regions of Romania. It is worked in 2 stages, first 2 parallel horizontal running stitches are made, then these are joined with 2 parallel vertical stitches, forming a  square. It is worked in a single color, using thick thread, so it gives the impression of relief, or loops.

 4. Punctul Bătrânesc Plat (Old Style Flat Stitch)

Romanian Embroidery Stitches

Punctul bătrânesc is a cross stitch specific to the region of Transylvania and it is used in the decoration of blouses, acros the neckband, at the edge of the ornamental fields, as well as on woolen cloths (dimie) and leather waistcoats (pieptar).

  5.Punctul Scris (Written Stitch)

Folk Stitches

Punctul scris is an ornamental geometric motif worked by making a vertical straight stitch and passing the needle diagonally across a number of threads at the back of the work, through the loop of thread as each stitch is made.

 6. Punctul de Sălişte (Sălişte Stitch)

Romanian Folk Embroidery

Punctul de Sălişte is particular to a town located in Sibiu county – Sălişte, where the traditional blouses were made of a tightly woven fabric, difficult to count, so the peasant women there came up with some  type of a freestyle stitch. It has the aspect of a 1-2 cm wide band.

 7. Punctul Ocolul (Encircle Stitch)

Ocolul is a geometric stitch used for outlining the embroidered motifs. It is worked in two stages. This is done in part by working the first set of parallel  vertical stitches from left  to right and the second stage of horizontal stitches from right to left, forming a wavy line.

 8. Punctul Pene Duble, Spinişor (Double Feather Stitch)

Folk Stitches

Double feather stitch is an ornamental type of backstitch, also known by the old name of spinişor (little thorn).





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