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She Sewed Hundreds of Embroideries

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Bohemian Blouse Patterns – Traditional Embroideries Handmade Collection of a Romanian Peasant Woman

Romanian Embroidery

Floarea I. has been sewing since she was seven years old. Today, at the age of 65, her Romanian blouse collection is huge, counting hundreds of blouses, and she is still working to enlarge it. With the support and help of her husband, Vasilethey gathered an impressive collection of national costumes.

Floarea Ilitoi

Her mission has been dictated by an insatiable inner thirst of her creative spirit. A part of them, very old pieces, was inherited and the rest has been sewn and embroidered by her skilled hands.

A Romanian Embroidery Bohemian Blouse and Traditional Costumes Exhibition

Bohemian Blouse

When we entered the house, we could not believe our eyes: there were blouses everywhere. A festival of colors, beads, flowers was wrapping us. It was hard to admire a single piece for a long time, because another one would catch your attention in the next seconds.

Bohemian Blouse Patterns

Although it was hard to cover all of them, we found out a few secrets:

  • The sidelong beaded or embroidered stitches.

Romanian Embroidery

It is a type of Romanian embroidery that requires more time and effort to sew the oblique lines accurate. She starts with the embroidered or beaded lines, called “rauri” (literally translates to rivers). They represent the lines which separate the floral ornaments.

Romanian Blouse

  • The row pattern

The traditional blouse with straight line stitches on the sleeve, mostly on the shoulders and cuffs, even on the chest and sometimes on the back side.

Bohemian Blouse

The variation arises from unlimited designs, inspired by nature, geometric patterns, representing a spiritual aspiration, the use of different crochet techniques, beads and sequins stitches, eyelets.

Romanian Embroidery
A blouse with eyelet stitches- the weft is cut with a razor, taken out and the edges are embroidered with silk.
Romanian Traditional Costumes
A Romanian traditional costume: an antique leather coat, ethnic blouse, woolen socks, woolen dress and a pair of extremely old sandals.

Original Beads Embroidered Blouse Large Sleeve

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