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The Folk Costume from Transylvania Part 1

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The women’s traditional folk costume from Transylvania features two aprons, and a peasant blouse with puffy sleeves and ruffled cuffs. Unlike the typical ie with altiță and încreț, the shoulder ornaments are missing from the peasant blouses from Transylvania.

The Folk Costume from the county of Sibiu

Instead altiță, the peasant blouses from Sibiu feature a thin, horizontal line across the shoulder.


national costume

The singularity and sobriety of the peasant blouses from Mărginimea Sibiului makes them easy to be identified: long, vertical black or brown fabric stripes (ciocănele, i.e. little hammers) are sewn onto the chest and sleeves, from the collar, and all the way down the ruffles. The variety arises from the different embroideries found on the side of these stripes: plants, animals, tools, fruits, flowers, sewn with black or golden thread.


folk costume

This is a unique headwear (velitură), which is held in place with a fine white veil. The black aprons are made of wool and have gold and black silk embroideries.

In summer, the peasant men from the county of Sibiu wear a short, circular brim hat, woolen vests and loose blouses.


folk mens costume

The Folk Costume in the County of Brasov

In the county of Brașov, the vertical embroideries (râuri) on the sleeves, the shoulder ornament (altiță), the folded cuffs (cămașă cu pumnași), are influences of North Muntenia (Prahova, Muscel). The old women would wear  blouses with folded cuffs, while a young woman would wear a blouse with ruffled cuffs.


national costume

national costume

In Țara Oltului, one could recognize a married woman, who would wear a blouse with a neck design.

peasant woman

Women wear two aprons with red and black horizontal stripes, or vertical stripes (Muntenia influences).

national costume

national costume

Both men and women wear sheepskin vests, decorated with geometric and floral multicolored motifs, with front or side closure (pieptar înfundat).

folk apparel

folk costume

The Folk Costume In the County of Mureș

The peasant women wear two narrow aprons, mostly black, or red and black, with horizontal stripes.

folk dress

folk dress

One can find a particular type of apron: catrința cu trup vânăt (literary translates to “aprons with a dark purple body”), due to it’s dark purple/ navy blue color.

peasant dress

The shoulder ornamentation (altita) is completely removed. A thin horizontal line across the elbows stands for an altiță.

peasant dress

peasant man

The Folk Costume in the County of Bistrița-Năsăud

The peasant women wear two aprons, black or red and black, with horizontal stripes.

peasant woman

peasant costume

The peasant man’s blouses are loose, with floral ornamentation across the neckline, chest and cuffs. A man’s hat embellished with peacock feathers is a sign that the man is not married.

mens folk apparel

Folk Blouses

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