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Vladimir, the 19 Years Old Millennial Loom Weaving Fabric, Spinning, Knitting

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Vladimir, the 19 Years Old Millennial Loom Weaving Fabric, Spinning, Knitting

Although he also grew up in an electronic-filled and increasingly online world, Vladimir Andrei, aged 19, is no stranger to the traditional means of loom weaving fabric, spinning, knitting and embroidery. While the millennials ceased to express interest in these centuries-old forms of craftsmanship, we have only a few young people left with wonderful skills, making traditional work.
Loom Weaving

Since last year, when I read an old article about him, I wanted to meet him in person. The feeling was mutual, because he too was following our blog and happily accepted to meet with us at his residence in Bârlad, Eastern Romania.

His workshop is equipped with old weaving and spinning tools that he collects and uses for his projects. Here he stores raw materials up for future use: wool for socks and vests, and hemp for making rugs.
Spinning Tools

He is no stranger to the processing of wool and hemp, from harvesting to dyeing, a knowledge he acquired at an early age. He learned the trade from his grandmother.
Vladimir Andrei

Andrei wove his first towel when he was six year old. At the age of 12, he was already participating in craft fairs, where he made friends with older weavers, the women who became his “aunts”.
Spinning Knitting

The knowledge and skills acquired at an early age, must have triggered a sense of respect toward the “hundreds years of tradition”, a tradition that must be kept unchanged, he believes.
Traditional Towel

Therefore, he uses the same craft methods as the elders do, operating the same simple looms, gathers vintage towels, old blouses, folk art books and studies their patterns.
Weaving Fabric

He weaves anything traditional: waist belts, pants (iţari), blouses, rugs, table runners, blankets, knits woolen socks, vests and embroiders traditional blouses.
Traditional Rugs

Today he demonstrates weaving a traditional towel on a 4 harness floor loom.

Vladimir Andrei Loom Weaving – VIDEO 

Re-styling the tradition is a concept he totally disagrees with, and the reason why he won’t attend profile classes. “It’s where students are taught to break, cut and re-style”.

In addition to all these talents, he freshly graduated high school and joined the University of Geography and Geology.
Traditional Towel

Young and rare people like him deserve our admiration and support. We joined forces with him by promoting his crafts worldwide on our website. If you wish to support Vladimir, you can order his crafts available for immediate purchase, or contact us. Together we can make a difference.
Fabric Weaving
Fabric Weaving
Loom Weaving
Loom Weaving
Traditional Work
Traditional Work
Loom Weaving


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