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About Us

About Peasant Art Craft
THE WORLD IS CHANGING  – How often do we hear that? In an increasingly technologized world, traditional arts and crafts are on the verge of being forgotten. Educating people about the value of an item made by hand is crucial.
“Small scale food producers—peasants, artisanal fisherfolks, pastoralists, hunters, and gatherers—produce 70 percent of all food in the world”, says a recent report published by the U.N. Global Compact. Yet, they make the most ignored social class.

At PeasantArtCraft, we aim to encourage the small scale producers, by taking an active role in the rural community, participating in historic traditions and sharing with the world.

Who are we?

Bianca and Lucian.
Two curious people in love with everything handmade.


It all started when I came across a traditional Romanian blouse. I was stunned by its heavy beadwork. Knowing there are people still willing to put in a lot of manual labor into an item was enough to spark my interest in the traditional arts and crafts.


We travel to remote villages looking for traditional artisans of Romania who still keep their ancient traditions alive and honour the traditional arts and crafts: loom weaving, wood carving, traditional embroidery, leather crafts.

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