Bradet Smoked Stretched-Curd Cheese – A Must-Eat in Romania

This article features affiliate links, meaning we’ll earn a small commission if you purchase through these links. Please read our Privacy Policy for more details. Making Bradet Cheese – A Daily Task For Many Romanian Farm Families From Brăduleț Those who have chanced to visit the villages which nestle in the foothills of the Făgăraș mountains must have noticed that the chief occupation of the population consists of cheese making, the making of one particular cheese, namely, the Brădet stretched-curd cheese. For the locals of Brădulet commune in the north-western part of Arges County, cheese is not only nutritious food, it brings them together as a community. This employment enables over 90 percent of the families to be breadwinners. The making of cheese comes as part of the daily routine of everyday life, it is literally the daily bread for many people who obtain a healthful and interesting outdoor occupation and at the same time add a little to their incomes while living in their village homes. To support the small producers, the Brăduleț Cheese Festival was organized in 2008 as a market-tapping event and a great surprise to all the cheese lovers visiting Argeș. The Brădet cheese is a medium-hard stretched-curd cheese that originated … Continue reading Bradet Smoked Stretched-Curd Cheese – A Must-Eat in Romania