Fermented Whole Cabbage in Romanian Pickle Town Milișăuți

This article features affiliate links, meaning we’ll earn a small commission if you purchase through these links. Please read our Privacy Policy for more details. The small town of Milișăuți is known as the “motherland” of sauerkraut in Romania Located on the banks of Suceava River, in the historical region of Bucovina, Milișăuți is unique in Romania. This small town is famous, not for its tourist attractions, but for its townsfolk’s diligence. The people of Milișăuți are peaceful and hard-working, with moral values and respect for the law. Despite living in a town, agriculture is their main occupation.  But what makes them unique is the way they pickle anything: from cucumbers to green tomatoes, sauerkraut, and fermented whole cabbage. People in this town have huge wooden barrels in the backyard. You would be amazed how much stuff can get in there. At full strength, one barrel can house up to 6000 pounds of pickles. For this reason, the town is also known as the “motherland” of sauerkraut. Every time we drove through this town, I wondered how do they manage to fill these large barrels. Fermented whole cabbage in large wooden barrels The tradition of preserving vegetables by fermentation has been passed … Continue reading Fermented Whole Cabbage in Romanian Pickle Town Milișăuți