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Traditional Agriculture in the Romanian Countryside

Romanian Farmers Loading Hay into Horse Drawn Vagon

Traditional Agriculture in the Romanian Countryside – Farmers Loading Hay In the Romanian countryside, many small farmers live a hardworking life. Their traditional farming practices hardly meet any modern technology or machines. They plow...
Romanian National Dress from Transylvania

Romanian National Costumes from 4 Ethnographic Zones

1. Romanian National Costumes from Moldova Romanian National Costumes from Neamț and Baia, Moldova The peasant women’s blouses have ornaments arranged on chest, sleeves and shoulders (altiță and încreț) in one, two or more...
Traditional Cheese Recipes from Romanian Villages of Bucovina

Traditional Cheese Recipes from Romanian Villages of Bucovina

Traditional Cheese Recipes from Romanian Villages of Bucovina Each morning, afternoon and evening, Nicanor and his sons make a cheese of 26 lbs. After milking sheep by hand, the animals are taken out for grazing...
Milking Sheep by Hand in Rustic Sheepfold from Romanian Village

Milking Sheep by Hand in Traditional Sheepfold from Romanian Village

Shepherd Hand Milking Sheep in a Romanian Traditional Sheepfold – Stână Driving down the Romanian countryside, on the road from Gura Humorului to Solca, we wondered at this rustic sheepfold far away, on a...
Rural Romania Traditions Trumpet Playing

Romanian Countryside Steeped in Tradition: Shepherd Tends Sheepfold the Old Way

Shepherding in Romanian Countryside Steeped in Tradition: A Traditional Way of Calling the Flock of Sheep No one knows the ancient songs of the trumpet better than a shepherd. Born in 1951, at a...
Traditional Romanian Houses

Charming Painted and Carved Traditional Romanian Houses

The painted and carved traditional Romanian houses that can be seen in Romanian villages are manually sculpted, carved and painted in a diversity of colors and motifs. All aspects of the peasant’s lifestyle show a deep connection...
Romanian Traditional House Still Standing After 250 Years

Romanian Traditional House From 18th Cenntury Still Inhabited

Romanian Traditional House Still Standing and Inhabited After Over 250 Years Exploring the traditional villages of Romania is a rewarding adventure. In the old villages one can find true gems hidden in plain view. It...
Romanian Traditional Clothing From Bucovina

Romanian Traditional Clothing in the Region of Bucovina

The structure of Romanian traditional clothing is highly-related to climate area. Weather condtions have strongly influenced not only peasant people’s folk outfit, but also the architecture and design of their cottages.   Romanian Traditional...
Romanian Textiles of Maramures Made by Textile Artisan Anuta Ciceu

Romanian Textiles | Artisanal Craftwork in Rural Areas of Maramures

Diligent Textile Artisan Anuța Ciceu Presents Exquisite Hand Woven and Embroidered Romanian Textiles From Maramures Village of Budești Only one mile away from the village of Sârbi, where we received an education in straw...
Traditional Farming in Romania

Hay Making in Romania – Crafting Haystacks, Mowing, Scything

Old style agriculture involving the use of natural meadows is an example of perfect interaction between man and nature, one where nature thrives while offering the basic requirements of life. Hay making happens during...
Country Bread Baking Secrets

Country Bread Baking – Secrets of Romanian Crusty Artisanal Lovely Taste

Romanian Rustic Country Bread Baking Secrets Bread is one of the easiest 4-ingredient food most commonly eaten in all over the world. Country bread baking makes every home feel cosy, with a festive holiday scent,...
Romanian Urda Cheese Recipes

Cheese Making The Old Fashioned Way at Traditional Romanian Sheepfold

Traditional Cheese Making at Rustic Romanian Sheepfold From The Region of Bucovina Many sheepfolds in Romania  continue to produce cheese in a traditional manner. The cheese making process is just an input from various...