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Romanian Pagan Traditions That Led Me to Jesus Christ

Last year I deleted over a quarter of my blog posts. Hours of work. It wasn’t easy. I’ll explain. But first of all, If you’ve been following Peasantartcraft for a very long time, then I must apologize for all those teachings I helped spread on my blog: Romanian pagan traditions, symbols and meanings. Something I wish I knew before I started my blog. I didn’t. I thought they were fairly innocuous, nothing but powerful stories in marketing. Stories sell.

Romanian Pagan Traditions That Led Me to Jesus Christ Romanian Pagan Traditions That Led Me to Jesus Christ

So I began my research into ancient Romanian pagan traditions, rituals, signs and symbols and my fascination grew from there. I was attracted to all the sewing symbols and signs that originated from my ancestors’ thirst of communication with God. How they would represent symbols with meaning on clothes, textiles and even on their houses and gates. The column, the stair, the tree of life, the flight of the great bird as gates to the sky. How they would use magical symbols, like roosters and horse head carvings for protection against evil, or symbols to attract abundance or luck.

During all of this I was continuing to dig deeper into Romanian pagan traditions, rites of passage, pastoral rites so my posts got infused with magic. I participated in summer solstice (Sânziene) and winter solstice rituals (Malanca) and proudly shared on Peasantartcraft. Until the day I came across this:

Winter solstice ritual of The Goat:  „Of all the animals, the goat is closest to the devil; he is often represented as a goat”- like baphomet-” the purpose of the Goat ritual lies in the transfer of powers from the sacred figure of the goat to the household and property of the farmer; the whole ceremony aims at obtaining fertility, guaranteeing the health of the hosts, and invoking abundance in livestock and animals;” (Capra / Dicționar de simboluri și credințe tradiționale românești – Romulus Antonescu)

Romanian Pagan Traditions That Led Me to Jesus Christ Romanian Pagan Traditions That Led Me to Jesus Christ

Ritual of the Horse: A simple horse mask, under which a performer is hiding, or a wooden horse figure worn attached to the waist with a girdle, are part of the New Year’s rituals. The horse visits every household, where it “plays”, inciting the hosts. The manifestations are intended to ward off evil and fertilize. From a mythological perspective, the horse signifies evil and inclusion into the demonic space; In oral literature the horse appears as a vegetative demon. In Romania, horse heads are present at the end of the beams that support the roofs, on gates, benches, on children’s cradle etc. ( Cal / Dicționar de simboluri și credințe tradiționale românești – Romulus Antonescu)

And it goes on and on…

The Old Man and The Old Woman –  Demons of the land;

The Bear  –  protective demon driving diseases away.

My spiritual eyes opened and I clearly understood the force of these rituals. Even if they look innocent and playful, they bear unsuspected meaning in the spiritual realm. I strongly believe that they are worship of the demons that control this fallen world. Because people were always aware of the forces that control this world, they tried to make friends with these beings through offerings, sacrifices and magic. Not to mention that they always ask for your permission before playing. And people say yes without being fully aware of what they open themselves to.

I was shocked to know that even the New Year’s fireworks are pagan rituals intended to ward off evil. I came to the conclusion that these pagan rituals were not lost but were adapted to our modern times. „What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” I realized that all these rituals are wrong, just because they were not initiated by God, but by man and they actually add to the spiritual downfall into the occult.

So I went on searching for the way I can be saved from all this. I wanted to know what God says about it, so I began studying the Word of God. I repented and got into a relationship with Jesus Christ and He changed my life in ways I could never imagine, always for the better. I stepped back from paganism and deleted a lot of posts related to that. My blog today is only about crafts. But still, I sadly see that the seeds I sowed in those years of complete darkness are „bearing fruits” today, as some writings were featured on other channels too. Hoping to set the record straight, once again, I apologize for drawing you into those occult teachings.

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Blog Comments

I love and enjoy this website! I am not Romanian, but so appreciate this culture and people. And appreciate your bringing it to the world.
It is TRAGIC, however, dear writer, that you apologize and “repent” of sharing stories about your ancestral pagan traditions out of a mistaken belief that they were enticements into evil. I am so sorry for you!!! I want to embrace you out of pity and compassion for the ignorance that has overtaken you. Religious influence is a distorted glass through which you are viewing with shame what was once beautiful to you. Your understanding of these matters is completely superficial and twisted with fear. The past indeed is dark, in ALL cultures, but there is goodness also, and wisdom. Share the traditions without passing judgement, for your judgements lack understanding. Anyway, beautiful Romanian person, thank you for your contribution and I encourage you to have tolerance for truth and trust in the goodness of life enough to share truth without passing judgement on it…without apologizing for sharing the traditions of the people of your birth. You do not have to be religious to be loved and protected by God…and the truth does not need you to defend it. You cannot defend what you do not know.

…and so it is! are dreptate nona

I have just found your blog and read it with interest. I have gone in exactly the opposite way as you, being a very devout and committed Christian and then discovering the origin of it all. It was labelled paganism by the church, but it was actually the time of the matriarch or feminine. From my study of archaeology, history, etc. this time was not like it is now with the domination of one gender over another,wars, power games etc., but a time of true equality and a non-hierarchical system where fertility was worshipped. Male-invented religion was written and so anything female was shunned as was fertility and so a church evolved where Eve was the temptress and everyone guilty with sin. I am sad you deleted all the research and knowledge you had written about of your culture. Very few cultures exist today with this deep connection to its past, its rich history of stories and incredible rituals. I travel the world looking for exactly that and the crafts still practised and we are at this moment on the edge of its extinction. Everywhere I go multi-national corporations are seducing the youth who see their old culture as old fashioned and redundant and the traditions die with the old. I am heading to Romania and Bulgaria soon to experience a little of what is left of this ancient culture, although I suspect the temptation of capitalism and modernity has already swept away much of the precious old ways. Thank you for your beautiful blog. I look forward to reading more.

Dear writer, after having read your article and the previous comments, I felt I needed to say something as an encouragement. I can see your honesty and true return to God and my heart rejoices with the heavens for you! I was actually looking for some information about old pagan practices thinking that maybe I should be asking for forgiveness for some of them that I unknowingly accepted, thus bringing the curse of God on myself and my household.
Thumbs up from me for meeting God and for your decisions, I’m happy to know God’s grace and love is still at work in Jesus Christ our Saviour :).

As a Romanian pagan myself, I find your blog to be deeply disturbing and rather offensive. Although I am glad you have found peace in Christianity, I am upset that you use my religion as the opposition to your truth. Paganism is my truth and it is not evil or horrific. It is based on ancestry and tradition it is a deep culture that should not be passed off as satanic. We do not worship demonic entities nor do we attempt to please them. We are polytheistic and we worship a plethora of gods, they are not demons. Your God does not exist in my religion so it should not be compared to yours. Just as you find my practices to be evil and barbaric I find yours to be the same. You drink the blood of your prophet and eat his body. I don’t find cannibalism tasteful or heavenly. However, I do not pass my judgement upon you in any way. Perception is reality, and your perception is very different from mine. I think that it is great that you found Christianity, but I am saddened that you feel the need to justify it with my practices condemning them as evil when they are not.

Hi Zoe, I have similar feelings when reading this article and wanted to reach out to thank you for this comment.

Regarding your view of the old rites and rituals may I point you to an essay by Fr Richard Rohr?

He, a devout Christian, seems one of the few to see past our narrow human-dominated, world crushing view

Thank you! I will check it out. Gr. Bianca

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