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Romanian Traditional Clothing in the Region of Bucovina

The structure of Romanian traditional clothing is highly-related to climate area. Weather condtions have strongly influenced not only peasant people’s folk outfit, but also the architecture and design of their cottages.


Romanian Traditional Clothing – Women’s Folkwear in North Romania

North women wear beaded or embroidered long sleeve blouses, made of cotton or linen. It is the emblematic piece of the national folk dress, known as IA. It consists of an ornamental top with extensions (underwear) separated, sewn or built-in.
Based on their cutting, these tops are divided into two main groups: Straight tunics, poncho style, with straight cutting, worn by borth men and women, a type of blouse considered old style, usually worn at work. The straight blouse is appropriate for older women. The second type of blouse cuttings is the neck gathered blouse. The sleeves, chest and back parts are gathered and pleated at the neck with a string “brezărău”, which passes through a crocheted collar.
Over the top’s extension, a long cotton or wool skirt is wrapped around the waist. A woolen belt holds the skirt in place. Woolen wrap round skirts specific to mountainous areas serve to protect against the cold. Babushka scarves, wool and silk shawls are used for head wear. In the old days, woven and embroidered cotton headdresses are worn with the Romanian national costumes.

Men’s Romanian Traditional Costume

Romanian Traditional Costume For Men

It is composed of a long blouse, woven on a loom, worn over the tight white wool or cotton pants. The blouse is held at the waist by a wide leather or textile belt. They cover their heads with lamb fur hats.

Romanian Traditional Costume For Men

In spring and autumn, both men and women cover their bodies with unisex lamb fur lined waistcoats (bundiță). On their feet, both men and women wear wool socks and leather peasant sandals (opinci). In winter, they wear unisex lamb leather fur lined white short coats (cojoc). Over their waistcoats, they wear simple patterns unisex wool trench coats (suman). Men also wear a capuchin hooded wool coat (manta), designed with specific patterns. The hood is worn for a head protection, it comes over the hat.

Womens Folkwear in North Romania

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