Romanian Traditional Costumes and Dances On Our Maramures Trip

Romanian Traditional Costumes From Maramureș Since day one, the local people of Maramureș or moroșeni, as they are called, won us over with their hospitality. Our first interaction with the locals happened in the village of Săpânța. Before finding my feet, we were welcomed by loom weaver Anuța Ieudean, who explains textile weaving demonstration specific to the village of Săpânța, Maramureș. What we experienced was beyond our expectations! She introduced us to the beautiful Romanian traditional costumes of Maramureș. The oldest object in her collection is a bridal blouse from the first quarter of the twentieth century, with minuscule embroidery stitches around the neckline, shoulders and cuffs, made of a thick organic handwoven cloth. The blouse has a square collar specific to Maramureș, with decorative gathers at the neck and shoulders, puffy sleeves and cuff frills. The embroidery design is based on an old geometric pattern in specific colors – blue, yellow, orange. VIDEO – Anuța Ieudean introduces us to the beautifully embroidered Romanian traditional costumes specific to Maramureș Women seem to prefer ample skirts with floral pattern at the expense of the original striped aprons. These skirts are a late addition, probably second half of the twentieth century. They are fastened … Continue reading Romanian Traditional Costumes and Dances On Our Maramures Trip