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Blacksmith Making a Horse Shoe

Village of Viscri –Blacksmith Forges Metal Objects Out of Junk

Visiting The Romanian Village of Viscri – Where Prince Charles Often Retreats The village of Viscri is nestled between the hills 43 km southeast of Sighișoara. From the main Brașov – Sighișoara road (E60),...
Traditional Artisans Still Practicing Old Occupations

10 Traditional Artisans of Romania Still Keeping Ancient Crafts Alive

We Travel to Meet Traditional Artisans Still Practicing Old Occupations It is fascinating to meet people who still practice old occupations. In the past two weeks, we’ve been traveling 600 km to find some of...
Horse Shoeing Blacksmith in Old Style Village Workshop

Blacksmith Horse Shoeing in Old Style Romanian Village Workshop

Old Fashioned Farrier (Blacksmith) Horse Shoeing Methods In rural Romania, having a horse is more important than a car. A horse is necessary for different activities, such as plowing the fields, carrying stalks, wood...