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Carpenter Vasile Cușnir Making Polenta Wooden Plates

Hutsuls – Mountain Men Living in Romanian Carpathians

Hutsuls – Ukrainians Mountain Men from North Romania They built lonely dwellings in the mountains, away from people and laws, and worked their way to freedom with their own hands. Hutsuls, also known as...
Spoon Carving Demonstration

Spoon Carving Wooden Spoons and Ladles

Romanian Wood Craftsman Demonstrates Traditional Spoon Carving You can tell so much about a person by the way he builds his fence. Tall fences, stone walls indicate a need for privacy, while a short...
Wooden Wheel Making Process

Wooden Wheel Making by Hand: Traditional Craft of a Cartwheel

Wheelwright From Romanian Village of Straja Explains Wooden Wheel Making Process Curious to know a wooden wheel making process? My compliments, if you plan to hand craft one by yourself. I never thought that...
Traditional Artisans Still Practicing Old Occupations

10 Traditional Artisans of Romania Still Keeping Ancient Crafts Alive

We Travel to Meet Traditional Artisans Still Practicing Old Occupations It is fascinating to meet people who still practice old occupations. In the past two weeks, we’ve been traveling 600 km to find some of...
Traditional Artisans Cooper Popescu Gheorghe Barrel Making

Barrel Making Traditional Artisans – Master Cooper ‘ s Wooden Barrels

Traditional Artisans Old Crafts – Cooper Making Wooden Wares With Staves It was one of those days when we were wandering round the villages, heading north to the village of Straja, looking to spend...
Shake Roofing in the Carpathian Mountains

Shake Roofing – A Trade Preserving The Carpathian Mountains Old Charm

Much of the charm and splendor of Maramureș lies into the heart of the villages, where massive carved traditional wooden gates guard robust traditional houses of yesteryear. The abundance of timber has driven interest...