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Fishing in The Black Sea, Romania – Catching and Cooking Horse Mackerel

Visiting the fishermen’s island, a humble fishing village in Romanian Black Sea coastal city Mangalia It is a summer afternoon. The sun shines brilliantly over the Black Sea, illuminating the green waters of the...
mowing hay with scythe

Mowing Hay With Scythe at Traditional Farm in Dobrogea, Romania

With a garden in which they grow fruits and vegetables, making artisan cheese and yogurt with the milk produced by their dairy cows, having a brood of laying hens and ducks, 56 years old...
Making Artisan Cheese

Making Artisan Cheese in Charming Romanian Seaside Village

56-YO Ursache Gheorghe Living a Self – Sufficient Homesteading Life in Dobrogea Wanderers  over the Romanian seaside here and there come across beautiful small villages with low-roofed cottages of grey stone, weather-worn, and fenced...
Cattail Basket Weaving Florica Arion

Cattail Basket Weaving In the Romanian Danube Villages

The moment I saw Ms. Florica Arion’s handicraft, my interest in cattail basket weaving was piqued, so much in fact that I had to travel to Southeast Romania to meet the lady in person....