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mowing hay with scythe

Mowing Hay With Scythe at Traditional Farm in Dobrogea, Romania

With a garden in which they grow fruits and vegetables, making artisan cheese and yogurt with the milk produced by their dairy cows, having a brood of laying hens and ducks, 56 years old...
Making Artisan Cheese

Making Artisan Cheese in Charming Romanian Seaside Village

56-YO Ursache Gheorghe Living a Self – Sufficient Homesteading Life in Dobrogea Wanderers  over the Romanian seaside here and there come across beautiful small villages with low-roofed cottages of grey stone, weather-worn, and fenced...
Cattail Basket Weaving Florica Arion

Cattail Basket Weaving In the Romanian Danube Villages

The moment I saw Ms. Florica Arion’s handicraft, my interest in cattail basket weaving was piqued, so much in fact that I had to travel to Southeast Romania to meet the lady in person....