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pelt tanning in romanian tannery

Pelt Tanning in Romanian Traditional Tannery

Nestled among the Bukovina Ridge, seven kilometers away from Gura Humorului, is the town of Frasin, where rural and urban characteristics combine, agriculture being of prime importance to local people. We came here not...
Horse Harness With Brass Ornaments

Horse Harness Making With Brass Ornaments in Rural Leather Workshop

Handmade horse harness making from 100% Romanian leather, locally tanned In the charming village of Bilca, where so many pretty old wooden cottages abound, I was once a guest in a local leather workshop,...
Romanian Leather Art Traditional Vests

Stunning Diversity of Romanian Leather Art – Each Village Has Unique Designs

Folk art has been a communication tool for centuries. People used to communicate on a non-verbal level by their dress. In the past, and still in some traditional communities of Romania, when people got together at regional...
Leather Belt Maker Nistor Ana Maria Sighisoara

Leather Belt-Maker Works in Medieval Tower Following Guild Extinction

The old tower clock was just striking five o’clock when we drove through the gates into Sighișoara’s Citadel. A feeling of enchantment swept over me at the sight of this medieval fortified town with...
94 Years Old Romanian Furrier Living Human Treasure

94 Years Old Romanian Furrier Is Still Hard at Work

At the age of 94, Romanian furrier Davidean Traian is still hard at work. Strong and sturdy once, now wizened and gray, the old furrier tells us the story of his involvement in coat...