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mowing hay with scythe

Mowing Hay With Scythe at Traditional Farm in Dobrogea, Romania

With a garden in which they grow fruits and vegetables, making artisan cheese and yogurt with the milk produced by their dairy cows, having a brood of laying hens and ducks, 56 years old...
Making Straw Hats Milliner Hatmaking

Making Straw Hats: Milliner Demonstrates Traditional Hatmaking

The Art of Making Straw Hats in Maramures It’s a  hot summer day in the village of Sârbi, Maramureș. There is little movement on the streets. Life is still. On these days people are...
Broom Making With Broomcorn

Broom Making Craft by Hand Still Alive in This Romanian Village

Over time, some Romanian villages gained expertise in traditional broom making craft, a knowledge passed on from generation to generation and still kept among communities of skilled craftsmen. Traditional broom making, already extinct in...
Traditional Agriculture in the Romanian Countryside

Romanian Farmers Loading Hay into Horse Drawn Vagon

Traditional Agriculture in the Romanian Countryside – Farmers Loading Hay In the Romanian countryside, many small farmers live a hardworking life. Their traditional farming practices hardly meet any modern technology or machines. They plow...
Basket Weaver from Romanian Village of Breb

Basket Weaving Split Hazel Frame Baskets in Romanian Village of Breb

The Rare Craft of Slat Pack Basket Weaving With Strips of Hazel On the small unpaved road which leads to the house formerly known as “Prince Charles house”, in the Romanian village of Breb,...
Traditional Farming in Romania

Hay Making in Romania – Crafting Haystacks, Mowing, Scything

Old style agriculture involving the use of natural meadows is an example of perfect interaction between man and nature, one where nature thrives while offering the basic requirements of life. Hay making happens during...