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Hand Weaving Traditional Towels With Vibrant Patterns

Weaving Art Thrives in This Village Thanks to Dedicated Artisans

In Romanian Village of Drăguș Textile Weaving Art is a Labor of Love for These Busy Bees Throughout every settlement of Transylvania, whether cities or villages, strong German architectural influences are visible. The structure...
Weaving in the Village of Drăguș Transylvania

Weaving Complex Patterns in Village of Drăguș, Transylvania

With snow covered mountain peaks on the horizon, the village of Drăguș, one of the most beautiful villages in Romania, has a well-known community of skilled craft workers, many more than it’s neighboring villages...
Romanian Folk Costumes From Transylvania

Romanian Folk Costumes Spotted on Rural Transylvania Tour

Discovering Traditional Crafts on Rural Transylvania Tour in The Land of Făgăraș The basic features of the Romanian folk costumes in Transylvania region are two rectangular aprons (catrințe or reg. cretințe), black or in...
Cheesemaking at Romanian Sheepfold From Transylvania Fagaras Mountains

Cheesemaking in Transylvania – Traditional Sheep Cheese Recipes

Cheesemaking at Romanian Sheepfold From Transylvania Fagaras Mountains As the sun slides below the rocky summits of Fagaras mountains, shepherds from Transylvania finish the evening milking. Milk buckets filled with foamy white liquid are...
Transylvania Trip Sighisoara Citadel

7 Attractions Worth Visited on Your Transylvania Trip

What make Romania unique are the huge regional differences. Not only there are differences in landscape and climate, but also in the village settlements, architecture and people who live in each of these regions....