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Fiber Arts

Hand Spinning Wool Fibers into Woolen Yarn

Romanian Peasant Hand Spinning Wool on a Distaff With Drop Spindle

Romanian Peasant Hand Spinning Wool Fibers into Woolen Yarn on a Distaff The famous Romanian traditional textiles are known to be the result of a hard work and some very special craft skills. These...
Loom Weaving Millennial Vladimir Andrei

Loom Weaving, Spinning Performed by 19 YO Millennial Vladimir

Vladimir, the 19 Years Old Millennial Loom Weaving Fabric, Hand Spinning, Knitting Although he also grew up in an electronic-filled and increasingly online world, Vladimir Andrei, aged 19, is no stranger to the traditional...
Craft Worker Hand Weaving on Floor Loom

Traditional Artisan from Romania Loom Weaving Patterned Bands

A traditional artisan crafts his products by means of primitive tools, most of which could  be found in museums. There are tons of fancy weaving gadgets and looms on the market today, but watching...
Romanian Embroidery Designs Collection of Textile Artisan Floarea Ilitoi

Romanian Embroidery Designs Collection Counting Hundreds of Pieces

Floarea Ilițoi from Cajvana, Suceava County, has been sewing since she was seven years old. Today, at the age of 65, her huge collection of Romanian embroidery designs counts hundreds of items, and still growing....
Bead Embroidery Work on Romanian Blouse

Bead Embroidery Work on Romanian Blouse Performed by Traditional Artisan

Peasant Woman Demonstrates Heavy Bead Embroidery Work on Romanian Blouse The Romanian peasant women were spending the cold winter days at home, sewing their clothes. Each one of them had a single goal: to...
Textile Weaving Demonstration

Romanian Blouse in the Making – Textile Artisan Weaving on Floor Loom

Artisan Manoilă Aurica Demonstrates The Craft Of The Romanian Blouse There are two types of objects in the world: those which break the time barrier, and those which don’t. The things that you throw away without remorse and...