The Complete Process of Fulling Wool With VIDEO

The day was here at last! I was going to see a properly operating fulling mill in the locals’ backyard. This is something I’ve been meaning to show you for years. It was the fulling season in the village of Sârbi, Maramureș and the mill worked without rest. From outside, the house numbered 173 looked like a regular house from Maramureș, with tall wooden gates, and a sign that read: “The technical peasant installations for fulling wool and wool processing use, ingeniously, local resources, such as wood and water to process wool.” The sound of a nearby stream and loud stamping noises could be heard from the distance, and it was getting louder as we approached the back barn. In the barn, two wooden stocks like giant’s dancing feet pounded wool into felt with crashes and booms, pounding on and on. Just then, the lady of the house, Ms. Juja Haiducean, came busily by, pouring hot water onto the pounded cloth. The stocks fell splat onto the cloth crammed in the trough below, causing the material to move around, thus getting fulled evenly.   “For the milling of cloth, hot water is required. Here I make the fire,” said Ms. Juja, … Continue reading The Complete Process of Fulling Wool With VIDEO