Making a Wooden Rake From Scratch

This article features affiliate links, meaning we’ll earn a small commission if you purchase through these links. Please read our Privacy Policy for more details. If you go to Romania, you must be prepared for hard work. The life, however, is healthy, although they have to be at work from early morning till late at night, and engaged in duties of the most laborious character. People have a thorough knowledge of all ordinary household duties, dairy work, farming, poultry keeping, etc. Once upon a time, a man built his own house, made his cooking utensils, raised the wool that he made into clothing, cultivated the soil with implements of his own making. The ability to make their own household goods has been known to prove quite a small fortune to its possessor in a  land where, until recently, all these goods were so scarce, that people paid a lot for them. “My father used to make wooden clogs, rakes, that’s the way it was in the past”, remembers carpenter  Ilie Olariu sitting in the middle of his cool, shady workshop from the village of Iaslovăț, preparing for making a wooden rake that serves to collect cut hay or straw into windrows. Romanian farmers handicraft their hay rakes … Continue reading Making a Wooden Rake From Scratch