Blacksmith Shoeing Horses and Making Horseshoes From Scratch

In the shade of an old willow tree in Frătăuții Noi commune from Suceava county, an old farriery has endured the test of time. Ranchers stop off to have their horses’ shoes replaced on the way to the farm/. The blacksmith is on duty, shoeing horses. Horse’s hooves may grow to as much as about a quarter-inch to three-eighths of an inch every month, so regular hoof care is required to avoid potential damage to hoof structure. Here, in Romania, horses are used for farming, so they still need hoof care. Horses have played an essential role in human societies, on every aspect of life, and farriers have been caring for horses’ hooves all by the strength of man’s arm. This ancient skill has been passed down for centuries. Making Horseshoes From Scratch Instead Using Ready Made Ones Is a Dyng Art For over twenty years, Confederat Gheorghe, the 63 year-old farrier, is well practiced in the art of shoeing horses and making horseshoes. Although there have been advancements in shoes and methods used, he largely prefers traditional techniques, with little changes over the years. He is one of the few farriers who make horseshoes from scratch, instead using ready … Continue reading Blacksmith Shoeing Horses and Making Horseshoes From Scratch