Weaving Complex Patterns in Village of Drăguș, Transylvania

This article features affiliate links, meaning we’ll earn a small commission if you purchase through these links. Please read our Privacy Policy for more details. With snow covered mountain peaks on the horizon, the village of Drăguș, one of the most beautiful villages in Romania, has a well-known community of skilled craft workers, many more than it’s neighboring villages from Transylvania Land of Făgăraș. Perhaps this comes as a result of constant media attention ever since 1929, when first attracted Romanian specialists in sociology. People here are sustaining themselves through farming and raising livestock, dress in traditional clothing and women carry on the ancestral tradition of weaving. Affiliate links Schacht Cricket Loom 15 inch Loom Weaver Fogoroș Viorica Weaving Complex Patterns With Heddle Rods and Shed Sticks Looking to understand the intricacies of the traditional and skilful techniques involved in the processes of achieving their specific patterns, we meet 65- year old loom weaver Fogoroș Viorica. After she gave us an insider’s view on the Romanian folk costumes and traditional textiles from the village of Drăguș, she explains the weaving methods  of a traditional blouse (ie). Although she’s weaving on a three harness loom, she’s using only two shafts for plain weave. … Continue reading Weaving Complex Patterns in Village of Drăguș, Transylvania