Complicated Weave Structures With Shed Sticks and Heddle Rods

This article features affiliate links, meaning we’ll earn a small commission if you purchase through these links. Please read our Privacy Policy for more details. In the Romanian village of Sâmbăta de Sus, we had a unique occasion to admire Romanian folk art creations made by textile artisan Lucia Ciocoiu. At the age of 71, after a lifetime in the weaving business, she continues her work, not only from passion, but also for the purpose of serving her people. Even though the usage of traditional clothing in Romania is restricted to social events, such as weddings, festivals, school celebrations, there’s a steady demand for traditional attire. „It is on the elders to work, since hardly any young people in our village are interested in learning”, she says while running her hand over a stack of eye-catching array of garments. Affiliate links Schacht Cricket Loom 15 inch „In my childhood, everything I wore and all household textiles were made by my mother. She was always weaving”, Lucia remembers. „Then I had my own garment factory”, she continues. Romanian textiles began as a way of life and, with time, they became a form of art. I stare at the beautiful artistic weavings displayed on … Continue reading Complicated Weave Structures With Shed Sticks and Heddle Rods